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Let’s Get Financially Fit!

Couples Money Coaching with Carine

First, we will look at what you would like to accomplish during your first 4 sessions.  What is your goal?  We will tackle one money issue at a time, teaching better ways of communication and handling money at the same time.


Couples go from feeling lost, scared, and confused to feeling clear and in control over their money.


Imagine the freedom which can be yours by having mastered a goal relating to your finances and enhancing your communication as a couple along the way!


Imagine working as a team to create and accomplish common goals so that you don't have to feel stressed and worried.


Online Consultation

30 MIN

Hands-on Support

Personalized Attention

Deep Transformation

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Why Money Coaching?

You know that you have to start planning your financial future.


You know that you have to start communicating about money.


You know that losing sleep over money is NOT helping your relationship.


But it's hard to start...


Have you thought about what your situation will look like in 5 years if you don't?




It's time to about money, talk about security, talk about the future?  And talking is the path to financial fitness and a better marriage.  


Coaching with a clinically-trained specialist is the fastest way to get there. 

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