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Meet Carine

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist,
Financial Coach

As a couples therapist,  I consistently found many couple's arguments are centered on money concerns.


I learned many couples often don't see eye to eye when it comes to the big financial picture or the tiny details that matter. 


These couples don't need therapy to fix this problem;  rather, they need coaching through motivation, communication, accountability, education, and basic skills. 


I help couples communicate so they can identify their money goals and create an action plan which includes financial literacy and achievement of specific money milestones.

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  • Many couples fear discussing money because they are sure it will lead to conflict.

  • Most couples do not have the practical skills and tools to discuss money. 

  • Financial hardships and problems get worse when couples don't discuss them.  This leads to resentment, mistrust, and division within a marriage.

  • Premarital counseling and finance planning 

  • Organization of finances

  • Budgeting and future goal planning  

  • Debt reduction and credit score improvement

  • Insurance, retirement, and estate planning

  • Financial intimacy, disclosure, and infidelity

  • Savings

  • Financial independence for adult children

  • Family finance planning

  • Clear and consistent communication to reach money milestones throughout the lifespan

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What can money coaching help us with?

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